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The international cooperation

In order to expand the scope of professional cooperation, development of scientific, educational and cultural contacts, increase the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market, the Kazakhstan-Russian Medical College is actively cooperates with foreign educational and health institutions. The college concluded bilateral agreements on cooperation with medical colleges of Russian Federation, such as:

In the framework of strengthening international cooperation, meetings are periodically held to discuss strategic areas of joint activities, as well as through training seminars and workshops by invited international experts from among russian partners at the college.

Workshop of the Omsk State Medical College in KRMC

On April 18th, under the guidance of representatives of the Omsk Medical College, a seminar on the topic “Modern Trends in the Development of Medical Education” was held at the KRMC.
The seminar was also attended by representatives of the Kokshetau, Issyk, Temirtau medical colleges, as well as the Interdent College of Almaty. Lecturers of the Omsk Medical College compiled an 8-hour program, during which they shared their professional skills, invaluable experience and showed the full significance of introducing a simulation education system.
The leaders of the seminar also demonstrated a visual outline of the methodological work, in full telling about the training materials that they use every day.
At the end of the seminar, we were able to talk with one of its participants, a teacher of normal and pathological physiology in the KRMC – Tuleuova Aigerim Kuanyshevna.
– “In total, 5 people were nominated on behalf of the college. My colleagues and I, during the lecture, got acquainted not only with the training system of our foreign representatives, but also discovered many new things that, in my opinion, are necessary for us.

So, the leaders of the seminar shared with us the success of the current World Skills program, which has been held within the walls of their medical institution for several years. World Skills is an olympiad aimed at testing the knowledge of student.

Unexpected for us was the fact that in their educational institution, each student, after graduating from college, writes a thesis. The guys are preparing for protection for exactly 6 months, and only after successful completion can be considered graduates of this medical institution.
The admiration was caused by the fact that in their college, in addition to the usual olympiads, competitions for “special” children are still organized. These are mainly students who have certain deviations in their development. Frankly, I am very glad that I was lucky enough to attend this seminar and take the next refresher course. The seminar showed that our college has room to grow and strive for, and we, in turn, will do our best. ”

After gaining an independent legal status, the administration of the Kazakh-Russian Medical College set a clear task

After gaining an independent legal status, the administration of the Kazakh-Russian Medical College set a clear task – to bring our educational institution to a completely new, advanced level. Over the entire period of existence, KRMC has had years of successful and productive work on the training and graduation of qualified personnel, the development of a “Center for Postgraduate and Further Education”, the creation of a material and technical base, the formation of specialized classrooms equipped with innovative equipment, and much more.

However, in spite of what achievements we have achieved to date, we, progressing with the outside world, continue to make every effort not only for the internal development of our college, but also for maintaining the professional skills necessary for transferring experience and knowledge, relationships with a number of other medical facilities internationally. In this regard, KRMC more and more often acts as the organizer of various training conferences and seminars, and also becomes an honorary guest of various events of a similar nature.

Not so long ago, our educational institution was honored to become a well-deserved participant of the Barnaul Scientific and Practical Conference, which was organized by the Barnaul Basic Medical College with the support of the Altai State Medical University. Despite the distance, presenting a college and presenting a report on the topic: “The role of the volunteer movement in medicine” was made by the deputy director for Hungary – Abdieva Lyazzat Rakhimberdievna, together with the 2nd year student of the specialty “General Medicine” – Anastasia Levashova.

– “The management of the Barnaul Basic Medical College welcomed us quite warmly, and on the day of the conference, the director of the BBMK introduced us first to the audience with the words:“ These are our guests from Kazakhstan, ”and also mentioned the establishment of international cooperation between our educational institutions.

If we talk about the conference itself, then after the plenary part, students and teachers were divided into two sections in order to present their reports. It so happened that in the student section I had the opportunity to speak first, which, frankly, immediately upset me. I wanted to see how other students performed, what rhythm they would set, but it turned out that the rest I had to set the rhythm for. However, having analyzed all the speeches, I came to the conclusion that our report was one of the strongest. That is, we were in no way inferior to Russian students; on the contrary, they surpassed them somewhere.

At the end of the event, a pleasant surprise awaited the guests: BBMC activist students presented a colorful concert program, after which all participants were awarded memorable certificates and souvenirs, as well as collections with articles where our works were published.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to the entire administration of the Barnaul Basic Medical College for the warm welcome and baggage of experience with which we returned to our homeland. That is, first of all, our trip was aimed at the mutual transfer of knowledge: they allocated something for themselves, we borrowed something new for our college. Undoubtedly, I would like to apply a lot of what I saw there in our educational institution. For example, a more thorough approach to the issue of volunteering, to implement a number of projects with an environmental focus. ”

The Importance of Toothpastes for Teeth (BOSTON, USA)
You can read more in the publication below.

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The Importance of Toothpastes for Teeth
Rybalkina M.A., student, Kazakh-Russian Medical College of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

The article analyzes the meaning and types of toothpaste. Such as: therapeutic (for the treatment of stomatitis, inflammation of the gums, etc.), therapeutic and preventive (to eliminate provoking factors that can cause dental disease) and hygienic (to eliminate unpleasant odors and fight against dental deposits). The right choice of toothpaste, what you should pay attention to when buying toothpaste, what is not worth buying. The composition of the paste includes 11 chemical and about 5 therapeutic components that affect the teeth in different ways. For example, toothpaste contains substances such as fluorine and calcium carbonate, the combination of which will lead to the destruction of enamel, but individually, these substances are also useful for teeth. Toothpaste also contains useful natural ingredients, such as mint, sage, clay, echinacea and ginger. Two toothpastes and their composition are also given as an example, on the basis of this, a conclusion is drawn and a better toothpaste is indicated.

Key words: toothpaste, paste, composition, disease.

May 17, 2019 Training and methodological conference was held in KRMC
A training conference with international participation “Innovative training technologies in the technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was held at KRMC. Among the conference participants at the plenary session were speakers from Russia.

Director of the Medical Collegenamed after Florence Nightingale, Pyatigorsk (Russia) with a report about Distance Learning Technologies in Modern Education and the Possibilities of Their Implementation in the Framework of Cooperation between “Medical colledge named after Florence Nightingale”and the NEI” Kazakh-Russian Medical College “. The report “Quest game safety route as a technology for teaching HIV prevention” was delivered by a candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Phthisiology of Altai State Medical University of the Russian Ministry of Health Matros O.I., Barnaul (Russia). Speech by the head of the organizational and methodological department of Tomsk Basic Medical College Dmitrieva A.O., Tomsk (Russia) with a report “Remote technologies in secondary professional medical education: experience of Tomsk basik medical colledge.

II International Contest “Infectious Safety in the Activities of a Medical Worker”

2 place, December 7, 2017, Omsk
A team of students of KRMC took part in person at the International Contest “Infectious Safety in the Activities of a Medical Worker” at the Omsk State Medical University, Ministry of Health, Omsk, Russia.

III Interregional competition of health education

III Interregional competition of sanitary-educational work among students of Tomsk Basic Medical College, “Health and Movement” (creation of booklets and memos), Tomsk. Booklet in English V. Bezrukov, in Russian – A. Karimova, A. Demina, A. Kravchenko, scientific adviser A. Kayrkhanova

Olympiad “Socially significant infectious diseases: HIV infection and tuberculosis”
Olympiad “Socially significant infectious diseases: HIV infection and tuberculosis”, Altai State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia. Barnaul city. Lebedeva Yaroslav took 2nd place, the supervisor of studies Kaiyrkhanova A.K.


The contract with the Professional Training Center “Kumbel”. The project aims to provide free additional education to college students in Almaty, aimed at professional growth and development of life skills, English courses and internships.
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On February 27, 2017, a cooperation agreement was concluded with the Medical College at the Omsk State Medical University for conducting joint educational, medical, and research activities.
On October 10, 2017, a cooperation agreement was concluded with Moscow Medical College No. 1 on the exchange of students and teachers to transfer experience in subordinate educational institutions in order to improve the quality of training and conduct joint research.
On December 11, 2017, an agreement was signed with cooperation with the Minsk State Medical College (Republic of Belarus) on the exchange of experience and information on promising and innovative projects and educational programs

      «Лечебное дело» «Фельдшер»

      Специальность «лечебное дело» – это базовый медицинский курс, по окончании которого можно получить квалификацию фельдшера. Это крепкая база фундаментальных знаний в медицине, которая станет отличной основой для поступления в высшее учебное заведение.


      «Сестринское дело» «Медицинская сестра общей практики»

      Специальность «сестринское дело» предусматривает уклон, в первую очередь, на естественные науки. С дипломом «Сестринское дело» можно работать в скорой помощи или развиваться в направлениях красоты и ухода. Медсестры, получившие квалификацию по данной специальности, организуют уход за больными в условиях стационара или на дому, проводят просветительскую работу. В КРМК вы можете поступить на Сестринское дело после 9 класса или же после 11 лет обучения в школе. Одним из преимуществ специальности «Сестринское дело» являляется то, что по окончанию колледжа Вы можете продолжить обучение в Центре постдипломного и дополнительного образования при КРМК (ЦПДО) по направлениям — косметология (срок обучения 3 месяца), массаж (срок обучения 2 месяца) и т.д.


      «Стоматология» «Дантист»

      Дантист – это зубной врач со средним медицинским образованием. Имеют право лечить зубы и ротовую полость по следующим проявлениям — кариес, пародонтоз, стоматит. В компетенции зубного врача входят осмотр, обследование, выявление разрушенных зубов, зубных отложений, патологии прикуса.


      «Стоматология ортопедическая» «Зубной техник»

      Безупречная улыбка – один из основных залогов успеха, которую на сегодняшний день может позволить себе уже каждый. А квалифицированные специалисты в этой области всегда будут востребованы на рынке. Зубной техник работает совместно с врачом стоматологом, получает от него заказы на изготовление протезов, коронок. Работает на моделях. В профессии зубного техника есть разные специализации, такие как техник-ортодонт, керамист и съемщик.


      «Лабораторная диагностика» «Медицинский лаборант»

      Лабораторная диагностика — это важное звено в лечении пациента, поэтому является одной из востребованных медицинских специальностей, которая играет очень важную роль в получении точных сведений о состоянии здоровья пациента. Это основа для выявления характера заболевания и определения точного диагноза.


      «Фармация» «Фармацевт»

      Специальность «Фармация» считается одной из самых сложных, требуя от студента не только интереса к медицине, но ещё и аналитического склада ума. Выпускники по данной специальности умеют работать с различными формами и разновидностями лекарственных препаратов.


      «Сестринское дело» «Младшая медицинская сестра по уходу»

      Согласно профессиональным стандартам основная цель профессиональной деятельности младшей медицинской сестры – это оказание общего медицинского ухода пациентам с недостаточностью самоухода для сохранения и поддержания здоровья, улучшения качества жизни.


      «Гигиена и эпидемиология» «Гигиенист-эпидемиолог»

      Студенты, окончившие специальность «Гигиена и эпидемиология» могут работать в Управлении по защите прав потребителей, дезинфекционных и противочумных станциях, санитарно-гигиенических и микробиологических лабораториях, а также в качестве ведущих специалистов санитарной службы, дезинструктора, медстатиста, лаборанта и эпидемиолога медицинских учреждений.


      Дни открытых дверей


      Прикладной бакалавр сестринского дела

      Основная цель программы: подготовка практико-ориентированных специалистов сестринского дела, способных критически анализировать информацию, эффективно управлять ресурсами и осуществлять безопасный пациентцентрированный уход на основе доказательной сестринской практики.


      The specialty “General Medicine” is a basic medical course, after which you can get the qualification of a medical assistant. This is a solid base of fundamental knowledge in medicine, which will be an excellent basis for admission to a higher educational institution.

      The specialty “nursing” provides for a bias, first of all, towards the natural sciences. With the diploma “Nursing” you can work in an ambulance or develop in the areas of beauty and care. Nurses who have received qualifications in this specialty organize patient care in a hospital or at home, conduct educational work. At KRMK, you can apply for Nursing after grade 9 or after 11 years of schooling. One of the advantages of the specialty “Nursing” is that after graduating from college you can continue your studies at the Center for Postgraduate and Further Education at the KRMK (TsPDO) in the areas of cosmetology (study period 3 months), massage (study period 2 months), etc. .d.

      “Dentistry” “Dentist”
      A dentist is a dentist with a secondary medical education. They have the right to treat teeth and oral cavity for the following manifestations – caries, periodontal disease, stomatitis. The competence of the dentist includes examination, examination, identification of decayed teeth, dental plaque, occlusion pathology.

      “Orthopedic dentistry” “Dental technician”

      A flawless smile is one of the main keys to success, which today everyone can afford. And qualified specialists in this field will always be in demand in the market. A dental technician works in conjunction with a dentist, receives orders from him for the manufacture of prostheses and crowns. Works on models. There are different specializations in the dental technician profession such as orthodontist technician, ceramist and renter.

      “Laboratory diagnostics” “Medical laboratory assistant”

      Laboratory diagnostics is an important link in the treatment of a patient, therefore, it is one of the demanded medical specialties, which plays a very important role in obtaining accurate information about the patient’s health. This is the basis for identifying the nature of the disease and determining an accurate diagnosis.


      Фельдшер – дәрігерлер, медбикелер мен санитарлар арасында әмбебап медициналық қызметтер атқаратын медицина қызметкерлері.

      Фельдшер мамандығы ең қажетті медициналық маман дықтар қатарына кіреді.

      “Feldscher” сөзі неміс тілінен енген сөз. Орта ғасырлық Еуропада фельдшерәскери қақ тығыстар нәтижесінде жарақат алған ашық аспан астындағы сарбаздарды емдеді.


      Мамандығы: «Мейіргер ісі»
      Біліктілігі: «Жалпы практика мейіргері»

      “Медбикенің ерекше функциясы-бұл адамға, науқасқа немесе сау адамға, оның денсаулығына, сауығуына немесе тыныш өліміне қатысты іс-әрекеттерді жүзеге асыруға көмектесу, ол өзі қабылдаған, қажетті күш, білім мен ерік-жігерге ие. Бұл оның тәуелсіздігін тезірек қалпына келтіретіндей етіп жасалады”. 1961 жылы халықаралық мойындауға ие болған Мейіргер ісінің бұл анықтамасын берген американдық мейіргер В.Хендерсон.

      Бұл анықтамадан Мейіргер ісі дегеніміз-кез-келген жастағы, топтағы және қауымдағы, ауру немесе сау және кез-келген жағдайдағы адамдарға жеке және бірлескен күтім. Оған салауатты өмір салтын насихаттау мен қолдау, аурулардың алдын алу және науқастарға, мүгедектерге күтім жасау кіреді.




      “Стоматология” қазіргі әлемнің ең танымал мамандықтарына жатады. Бұл қазіргі уақытта жер шарындағы ең көп таралған адам ауруларының бірі-бұл тіс кариесі және пародонт ауруы, бұл көбінесе Кәрілік басталғанға дейін тістердің мерзімінен бұрын жоғалуына әкеледі.


      Мінсіз күлу – қазіргі таңда әркімнің өзіне мүмкіндік беретін табыстың негізгі кепілінің бірі. Ал осы саладағы білікті мамандар нарықта үнемі талап етіледі. Қазақстан-Ресей жоғарғы медициналық колледжінде ортопедиялық стоматология мамандығында Сізді әртүрлі материалдардан: тіссауыттан, мостиктен, алмалы протезден, имплантанттан тіс протездерін дайындауға сондай-ақ оларды түзетуге үйретеді. Колледж бітіруші – тіс технигі – тісті және бет-жақсүйек аппаратын құрылымдау бойынша білімді өте жақсы меңгереді, тіс протездерін дайындаудың қазіргі технологияларын біледі және ойдағыдай қолданады, протездеу материалдарын құю мен күйдіру аппаратурасын пайдалана біледі, сондай-ақ тіссауыт пен әртүрлі тіс протездерін дайындау техникасын өте жақсы меңгереді.



      Зертханалық диагностика-пациентті емдеудегі маңызды буын, сондықтан пациенттің денсаулық жағдайы туралы нақты ақпарат алуда өте маңызды рөл атқаратын қажетті медициналық мамандықтардың бірі болып табылады. Бұл аурудың сипатын анықтауға және нақты диагнозды анықтауға негіз болады. Біздің медициналық колледж сізге осы мамандықты игеруге көмектеседі.


      Қазақстан экономикасы үшін қандай да бір сала мамандарының қажеттілігі мәселелерін зерттейтін талдаушылардың мәліметтері бойынша, “Фармацевт” біліктілігі, басқа медициналық мамандықтар қатарында неғұрлым сұранысқа ие ондыққа кіреді. Бұл ретте, мамандық алу үшін жеткілікті орта кәсіптік білім беру.


      Кәсіби стандарттарға сәйкес кіші мейірбикенің кәсіби қызметінің негізгі мақсаты – денсаулықты сақтау және қолдау, өмір сапасын жақсарту үшін өзін-өзі күте алмайтын пациенттерге жалпы медициналық күтім көрсету.


      Мамандығы: 0302000 ” Мейіргер ісі»
      Біліктілігі: 0302054 “Мейіргер ісінің қолданбалы бакалавры”

      Бағдарламаның негізгі мақсаты: ақпаратты сыни талдауға, ресурстарды тиімді басқаруға және дәлелді мейіргерлік практика негізінде қауіпсіз пациентке бағдарланған күтім жасауға қабілетті практикаға бағытталған мейіргер ісінің мамандарын даярлау.