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Mission, vision of the college

Mission, goals, vision
Currently, KRVMK is a stable, dynamically developing educational institution with a developed sense of responsibility, capable of quickly and flexibly responding to modern challenges and changes, ready to cooperate with all interested parties, whose activities are aimed at training competitive mid-level medical workers. This is evidenced by such indicators as the growth of the contingent of students, the qualitative teaching staff, the annual significant increase in financial resources allocated to strengthen the material and technical base, the demand for graduates, the creation of new structural units for educating the population through additional education opportunities, expanding the geography of international cooperation, and also interest in cooperation from public funds and social organizations, increasing the image and recognition of KRVMK in the eyes of potential consumers.

Mission – the formation of a developing, practice-oriented, innovative environment for the training of demanded, competitive specialists who provide high quality medical services to the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Strategic goal: ensuring the competitiveness of the college through high-quality training of specialists with professional competencies and high moral values.

1) Kazakh-Russian Higher Medical College – the leader among non-state medical colleges.
2) A socially responsible medical college that successfully cooperates with partner colleges of the republic and abroad.
3) A medical college with history and traditions, which forms in its students a high culture and commitment to global values.